Workplace Infection Management Plan                                                  Coronavirus Management Plan




Due to Queensland Health’s current requirements for Covid-19 restrictions for safe delivery of catering. We here at Figjam are continually striving  for improvement with our service and delivery. Figjam & Co has developed two options for ordering catering to keep in line with the current restrictions.


Portion Control

  1. If you require only one service (eg. Morning tea) but several options are chosen. They will be packed into one Bio friendly container. One Container per person.
  2. If you require two services (morning tea & Lunch) with several options then you will packaged into a Bio friendly container. 
  3. Client will be issued with Figjam & Co Covid Marshall Pack - includes: Gloves, Mask and Tongs.
  4. Client to supply own hand sanitiser
  5. Client must have a nominated person to distribute catering to staff during function.


The cost for the extra packaging is $6.00 per person and includes up to 3 containers per person, this cost will be added to your overall fees.


Bulk platters

  1. All foods can be safely served in our Bio boxes or platters.
  2. Client will be issued with Figjam & Co Covid Marshall Pack - includes: Gloves, Mask and Tongs
  3. A representative from your company must serve each individual their portion of food onto a disposable Bio plate supplied by Figjam & Co.
  4. Figjam & Co recommend 1 Server to be nominated per 30 people
  5. Client to supply own hand sanitiser
  6. This option comes at no extra cost.


I thank you for your cooperation in these difficult times we are all trying to adhere to the ever changing Covid landscape.


We appreciate your business and value our working partnership.


Kind regards,


Jason Davidson


Managing Director