Bush Condiment Trio
Bush Condiment Trio
Bush Condiment Trio

Bush Condiment Trio


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Our Collection featuring; Bush Sambal, Beetroot Relish with Anise Myrtle and Pig Face Mustard Pickle, Tomato & Purslane Relish, Davidson Plum Paste, Bush Brinjal Moju.

Bush Sambal

This recipe was developed using native bush ingredients combined with the classic recipe of Balinese Sambal Oelek. It is not a fiery chilli but more a delicious multilayered flavour of heat and depth of 1000s of years of indigenous culture. Serve with anything you need zing!

Beetroot Relish with Anise Myrtle

This recipe is also based on nannas classic recipe combined with anise myrtle, old man salt bush, cinnamon myrtle, Davidson Plum, Kakadu Plum and Finger Lime for truly a sublime flavour you or your guests will not be able to stop eating.Serve with cheese, roast pork, bacon and eggs or your favourite antipasto.

Pig Face Mustard Pickle

Pig Face is a succulent found growing naturally in coastal areas on sand dunes along the NSW and Queensland coast, north to Rockhampton. It also grows down into the east coast areas of Victoria.This natural bushfood mixed with nannas mustard pickle recipe, turns out to be an original one for the ages!

Tomato & Purslane Relish

Purslane has the highest recorded levels of Omega-3 fatty acids of any land based plant! So that combined with our classic farmhouse relish and your favourite healthy foods, lets you feel comforted in that you are looking after your body and soul through food. Very versatile as an condiment to anything savoury!

Davidson Plum Paste

After tasting Davidson Plum for the first time fresh off the tree the flavour profile and versatility of this amazing fruit amazed me. Our combo of bush ingredients with a couple of selected spices, brings out the magical flavour of this prehistoric plum. Perfect accompaniment to savoury or sweet with its rhubarb undertones.

Bush Brinjal Moju

Eggplant will absorb the flavour of whatever it's cooked with. Its texture is firm and spongy when raw and meltingly tender when cooked. This makes for a perfect partnership with bush foods! Its texture and flavours based on a Sri Lankan recipe and method will blow your mind.

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